Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Living Room Rug Purchase -

A few weeks ago, one of my dogs, I think the younger one Damon, got sick all over our jute IKEA rug. I tried to clean it but it was ruined. Not fun, but his cuteness helps me forget all of that pretty quickly. Anyway, I love RugsUSA. We ordered our dining room rug from that website a few months ago and are very happy with it. I got free shipping for an 8' x 10' rug. You can't beat that. Well, right now they are having a huge Black Friday sale and a lot of their rugs are 75% off! That's right, 75% off! I just scored this 8' x 10' replacement rug for the living room and I'm super excited for it to arrive. Once the rug is in, I'll try to take some updated photos of our living room. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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