Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living Room Updates: IKEA Kivik & Ektorp Chaise Lounge and Chairs

As you all know, our living room is ever changing. Some of our big moves (photos coming soon) is that we placed our TV over the fireplace and have sold our brown club chairs.

Yup, these brown chairs
I've been working towards a gray & blue scheme and the brown chairs just weren't working anymore. I have someone coming by today to pick them up. As for the new TV set-up, I was always against having the TV over the fireplace, but I hated our ugly big box tv console and I felt like moving the sofa across from the fireplace would open up the long narrow room a lot. Wow, what a difference, it definitely made the room feel bigger. Even my 3 year old nephew Jaxon said as soon as he walked in, "Nana, your living room is so nice." It must be a positive change if he noticed.

Yesterday I blogged about the two vintage Danish arm chairs I found at a local antiques shop. I'm still debating on the fabric I'll use to make new cushions, but I think they are going to look awesome. These two chairs are small enough to sit side by side at one side of the room, so I need to get a soft, plush, comfy chair for the other side of the room for Mike. We went to IKEA on Sunday and I was eyeing the Kivik Chaise Lounge and the Ektorp.

IKEA Kivik Chaise Lounge

IKEA Kivik One-Seater

IKEA Ektorp Chaise Lounge

I think the Kivik works better with the style of the room, however, it sits low to the ground which worries me. This could turn into the perfect dog bed for our older dog, Casey. She's notorious for going on our furniture. So we'll see, I'll make sure to post pics of our living room soon.


  1. I think that just means you need TWO ektorp lounges.

  2. Thanks for these outstanding pictures . These are really beautiful.