Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Way to Look at Subway Tile

I realized I never posted pictures on the new backsplash in my sister's kitchen. It definitely was a team effort, my Dad, brother-in-law Chris and I all worked on laying new white 2" x 4" subway tile at my sister's new home. Melissa wanted something modern, but she's on a tight budget so buying expensive backsplash tile was out of the question. Her new granite counters have a lot of pattern, so my suggestion was to keep it clean, white and simple. I convinced her to flip the subway tile 90 degrees and lay it out vertically, and what a difference! You can also see her cabinets are painted white, they were originally that standard builder's grade honey maple finish. They painted everything before they moved in and saved themselves a ton of money on that DIY project as well.  Next on the list, looking for new light fixtures.

Here are the 'after' photos:

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