Monday, February 11, 2013

Putting our Kitchen Chalkboard to Good Use

For those of you that remember, when we decided to renovate our kitchen 3 years ago, I made sure we had a writable surface in the kitchen to write notes, reminders, appointments, etc. Well, now this chalkboard has another function, my "new baby weekly tracker board." I'm going to try and take photos every other week, then every week towards the end of the pregnancy. I've been working on a scrapbook for the baby so these photos will go in the scrapbook too, not just online.

Here's our chalkboard just after we completed the renovation:

Here I am at 12 weeks in front of the chalkboard!

It's so easy to add a chalkboard or marker board writable surface in your home. A quart of the chalkboard paint costs around $10 at Home Depot. You could even use painter's tape to section off part of the wall for your new message board. The "L" just above me is a vinyl decal.

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