Sunday, October 28, 2012

Found It! A Campaign Dresser

Before heading to the office to catch up on work, I made a quick stop at a local antiques shop in West Hartford, Three Ladies Antiques. I've blogged about them before. I always find the best stuff there. Well for the longest time I've been wanting a Campaign Dresser. I've seen them all over the blogsphere and they're great. Here are some examples from Pinterest:

Emily A. Clark

The Long and Short of It

Better After
Well, I found one for $50! Needs a lot of TLC but I think it would be a great DIY project for a nursery. I know don't put the cart before the horse, but a girl can dream. I could picture this in a coral high gloss paint, refinish the brass hardware. I love it! I need to get my hands on this dresser before someone else does.

I also took some photos of some other pieces that caught my attention at the store.


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