Friday, September 7, 2012

Planning My Girlfriend's Baby Shower

Happy Friday everyone! So one of my closest girlfriend's is expecting her first baby in October. We've known each other since the 6th grade and after several years of us both moving around with our husbands, we're finally both back in CT just a 15 minute drive from each other. It's great. I'm so excited for her and to be an Auntie to her baby girl or boy. A few months ago her mom asked me if I would be willing to handle all the design and decor for the shower. I was so honored, and took on the task of coming up with a gender-neutral baby shower for Alex. Here's a sneak peak at the concept board and a few of the items I've created using photoshop and inspiration from her shower invitation. This all stemmed from the idea that Alex has a huge tree decal in the baby's nursery that has little owl's and forest animals all around it. I love how turquoise and orange compliment one another so I used those two colors to guide the palette for the shower.

Tomorrow afternoon is the shower, so I'll make sure to take a ton of pictures of everything! Have a great weekend!

Concept Board

Table Number

Baby Shower Bingo card

Goes along with a large tree graphic I framed based on the children's book: "When I Was Born" by Isabel Minhos Martins

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  1. Cute idea board! My sister and I threw a shower last year and made those birds nest cupcakes. You can see them here: