Thursday, December 22, 2011

Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

This past weekend we had my husband's family's Annual Yankee Swap Party. Every year I struggle to come up with a creative gift that everyone will love. My husband's family has a strong connection to a quaint little island off the coast of Portland, Maine, Peak's Island. Mike spent every summer there as a kid playing "army" on the back shore with his friends and siblings.  His parents, aunt and uncle have all retired to the island and we'll be heading up there this Christmas weekend with the pups. It's such a beautiful place.

At this year's Yankee Swap I brought a canvas print of one of the photos I took at the back shore last summer and it was a huge hit! It's such an easy thing to do and makes for such a memorable gift. My father came up to me afterwards and now wants me to show him how to order some to send to our relatives in Greece. I ordered mine on and now they are having a 40% off sale until December 26th. All you do is upload a high quality digital photo and have it printed on canvas. They come in all different sizes.

Here are the photos of Peaks. I printed the one of the rock sculpture on a 16 x 20" canvas and it came out great. Mike's brother Danny ended up with the canvas print and was super excited to hang it up in his apartment.

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