Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Project: Felt Monogrammed Pillows

I've had these taupe colored throw pillows from IKEA in my living room for awhile now, and they seemed kind of boring to me. I wanted to dress them up quickly and inexpensively. While watching an episode of "Guiliana and Bill" on the Style Network (Love that show) I noticed these monogrammed pillows they had in their home. I'm sure Guiliana paid a pretty penny for them, but it gave me the idea to recreate my own. I figured felt would be the easiest to work with and cheap. Michael's carries a variety of colored felt for about $.39 a piece. I bought four pieces (in case I messed up) along with some iron-on adhesive sheets that I could cut down to size.

I began by printing out a capital "E" and "M" using Times New Roman font and bumping the font size up to about 550 to print on letter size paper.

Next, I cut these two letters out and traced their shape onto the felt to be cut.
I traced these letters onto the adhesive sheets and cut those to size as well.

Next, you have to iron on the adhesive and peel away the white backer sheet, so all that is left is the adhesive on your fabric. The adhesive is clear on the fabric.

Finally, I placed the felt letter onto the glue and ironed one last time...and that's it! Done!

Casey approves!
You can do this for just about anything. You can cut out fun fall leaves to decorate pillows for Autumn, or cut out fun shapes in different colors for a kids room. The options are endless.

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