Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No-Sew Custom Window Treatments

Over the weekend, I decided to revisit the guest bedroom...I know big surprise. I didn't like how the white drapes I had up where squished between the bed and the wall at the north window. It didn't look right.
I also thought the coverlet wasn't working, but no worries I moved it into our master bedroom, and it's perfect there. Anyway, I looked through my basket of leftover fabrics and found a really decent size left of the white and yellow geometric fabric. I also had some 1.25" black grosgrain ribbon that I never used and those two items got me thinking. What if I combine both to create a custom window treatment without having to bring out my sewing machine. Believe me, it can be done and here's how.

what you'll need:
  • Fabric about 2 - 3" wider than your windows and the length is up to you. I went to the middle of the window.
  • White Fabric lining (same amount as above)
  • No-sew hemming tape
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Ribbon
Since I had two identical windows, I cut my patterned fabric into two identical pieces, followed by the fabric lining.

Next line up both the patterned and fabric lining just as they would appear on your window; good sides facing out, and place no-sew hem tape in between them. Now iron.

Once you have them sealed together, fold the sides over to create a 1/4" - 1/2" hem. Don't worry if this isn't perfectly straight, this is the bad side and it will be facing your wall.

Once you have your finished panel, you're ready to create the "ribbon belts" that will hold the panel in place on the curtain rod.

Create a closed loop with the ribbon and test it's length on the panel at your window. The bigger the loop, the longer the window treatment will fall.

Next, seal the closed loop with more of that no-sew hemming tape.

Once you have your "ribbon belts", drape the panel over the curtain rod and bring the ribbon belts over the curtain rod, then over the panel. It will automatically pull up your panel and gather it so it looks like this....

And there you have it, "No Sew Custom Window Treatments". Check out http://www.fabric.com/ for an endless array of fabrics, just click on "Designer Home Decor Fabrics." They average about $8 - $15 per yard. Another option is to visit your local Jo-Ann Fabrics store and check out their clearance items. You might just find that perfect fabric on sale. Jo-Ann Fabrics will also have the ribbon and no-sew hemming tape.


  1. You definitely have a good eye for color. The window treatments brightened up the room and gave it a lively vibe. But of course, the best part is the treatments are so easy to make and costs very cheap. Oh, using the ribbon to make folds is smart, too!

  2. Well, that’s nice! One simple way to develop a great atmosphere for your room is to mix and match your fixtures. I like the window treatments that you have. The design may look plain, but it blends well with the window sidings and with the wall. Likewise, you also used it on your pillow case. It’s wonderful!

  3. If you want to create a unique theme for your bedroom, matching your curtain panels with the items that you have the in the room is simply a great and efficient idea. You can see here how easy it is to have a well-designed room. You didn’t complicate it too much. It’s simple and pretty as it is!