Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carpet Tile - Are you a fan?

I spend Monday through Friday working on commercial interior design projects. 99% of the time we specify carpet tile for our projects for a number of reasons (less waste than broadloom when it comes to installation, if you ever need to replace a certain part of the carpet, you don't have to rip everything out you just have to replace the tile, endless pattern and design options, etc.) Even better, they have a high recycled content which I love.

FLOR by Interface (the residential line of the commercial carpet manufacturer) provides you with these adhesive squares that connect four tiles together at the corners, so you don't need any adhesive on the floor. The carpet tiles are so stable once they lay on the floor that they won't shift even if they're not adhered to the floor. The adhesive squares also give you the flexibility to move the tile around or switch them to another room if you feel like it. I have carpet tile out on my screened porch, and now I'm thinking of using it in our newly painted living room (photos coming soon, I promise). Here are photos of the samples I just ordered from I'll keep you posted as to which one I choose.

So have you used carpet tiles in your home before?

 Feelin' Groovy - Pebble
 Sophistikat - Pewter (warm gray and beige, not the blue that's shown)
 Ups and Downs - White (love this one)
 Walk the Line - pewter (love how this is the same color as the countertops in our kitchen)
Warm Welcome - Flax (reminds me of a sisal rug)


  1. I was captured by the title of your blog while I was browsing the internet for websites related to
    Carpet tiles and I say "Yes, I am definitely a huge fanatic of this kind of commercial carpet. I just love the colouful and artistically made designs and can't help for the weekend to arrive because I'll have a carpet expert to do the installation.

  2. hi eleana! did you end up going with the tiles in the living room? i also am a commercial designer and i also stumbled across your blog while googling... and i ALSO am thinking of carpet tiles in my living room (wall to wall sisal/jute). wondering if you ended up with your tiles and if so, what you think of your choice?!

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