Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buying IKEA Cabinets is one thing, Assembling them is another

Our kitchen renovation is a total gut project. We're replacing absolutely everything in the space and because of that, we couldn't spend a small fortune on custom cabinets. I convinced Mike to go with IKEA cabinets. We saved a ton of money, and also cashed in on the quartz countertops too (saved 40% off due to in-store promotion). The catch as some of you might know is that you have to assemble every cabinet yourself. You leave the store with every screw, hinge, door, part and piece to every single cabinet in your kitchen design and you have to put it together. Well, I was ok with this because Mike has become quite the IKEA assembler. Forget the creepy IKEA guy in the assembly directions, Mike can put this stuff together no problem without that little guy's help. The key to making this all go down smoothly is to label each and every cabinet as you assemble them and label your plans so you know what goes where during installation.

 This is the our Cabinet Inventory List. I've given each cabinet a code and under each cabinet is every part and piece that goes with it. I lose this list, I'm screwed.

Photos above are of the kitchen elevation drawings supplied by IKEA.

It's beginning to look like an IKEA cabinet warehouse in our basement, but it's going well. Mike has done such a great job so far. The doors and hardware go on after the cabinet has been installed in the kitchen.


  1. Best of luck with this! It looks complicated now, but it will be amazing when it's installed :) We plan on doing some IKEA storage in our bedroom when we have the extra cash - so I look forward to your IKEA assembly tips!

  2. I can lend you my sister if you need, she's GREAT at that kind of stuff :) I always have her put my things together.