Tuesday, May 7, 2013

For our Baby's Travel-Themed Nursery

As you know I've designed a travel-themed nursery for our baby. Mike and I have lived in so many different places and we just love to travel whenever we can. We just got back from our 'babymoon' to Puerto Rico, amazing!

One of the main art pieces in the nursery is this map. I just ordered it on www.childreninspiredesign.com My friend Keri introduced me to this website, and I've had it pinned for some time now. You order the map and it comes with 4 heart stickers to place where the baby's roots are. In our case, it will be Peru, Ireland, Greece and of course USA. The print is 18 x 24" and at the bottom it reads "My Roots Lie Here". I think it's going to look great in the nursery, all framed, front and center.

Here's a little information about the artist and her inspiration for this collection of maps "My Roots".
Rebecca Peragine, creator of Children Inspire Design, is known for her globally inspired art for children. So it's no wonder why her latest custom creation, the My Roots Collection, is filled with deep meaning for little ones. Not only is the art beautiful for both big and small, but the collection tells a story of how families come together from all parts of the world. Her art shows a child where family roots lie, a place they are connected to, whether it's ten or ten thousand miles away.
Parent and child can customize their own art by using heart stickers to locate and highlight a child's roots. A teaching moment that will last throughout the years.

-Available in in blue, clay, or pink
-Made with recycled card stock, eco-friendly ink and packaged in recycled/biodegradable materials

Children Inspire Design is a product line of modern, eco-friendly and culturally diverse wall art, wall cards and posters, full of whimsy, and designed to help children learn compassion for our earth and all who inhabit it. Artist, mother and social entrepreneur, Rebecca Peragine, has combined her passion for global design with her desire to inspire children to celebrate eco-consciousness and the beauty of different world cultures.

Environmental education is at the heart of each design. Rebecca believes in embracing every opportunity to recycle and reuse. Children Inspire Design creates art that teaches languages, cultures, and ways to care for our Earth. Each piece incorporates repurposed paper materials, eco-friendly inks, and biodegradable packaging.

Rebecca firmly believes that if we teach the importance of global responsibility at a young age, carrying that responsibility into the future will be second nature for our children.
Inspire children. Change the world.

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