Monday, September 24, 2012

My Nephew's Superhero Themed Birthday Party

My older nephew Jaxon, turned 4 this past week and my sister and brother-in-law threw him a really fun Superhero Themed Party. If you remember, I blogged about the Superhero chalkboard painted wall my sister created in his bedroom a few weeks ago. My sister did a great job researching DIY project ideas for the party. She had a table for the kids to make their own masks. She downloaded labels to create "Jaxon's Super H2O" water bottles and she even had time to design and make his delicious cake. Everything came together really well. Here are the photos she took (oh yeah, she's a professional photographer, that's why these came out so great.)

Super Family!

The Birthday Boy

Goodie Bags

Decorate Your Own Superhero Masks

Dessert Table Sign

Waiting Patiently to blow out his candles

My sister made the cake and her friend Brenda baked the cupcakes

My brother-in-law's Dad as the Hulk!

My Super Nephew Wesley!

Super Wakefield! Yes, my sister make him a cape!

My mom and Wesley

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  1. Thanks Ellie! It's so much fun, now what to do with my time??!!