Friday, June 22, 2012

Custom Built-in Bookshelves

We've been living with IKEA Billy bookcases in our living room and they've served us well. They hold a ton of Mike's favorite books and our family pictures, etc. But lately, the look of them has really bothered me. I really want built-in bookcases that go from the floor to the ceiling and frame the sliding door nicely.

My dad is super handy and loves working with his hands (I'm sure that's where I get it from). Anyway, the moment I mentioned a father-daughter DIY project he was all about it. He sketched out ideas and I did the same. I rendered these elevations to convey to you what I'm thinking. I also think this would be a great opportunity to paint a bright accent color behind the shelves. I'm thinking Martha Stewart's Persimmon Red; the rest of the walls will remain in Benjamin Moore Beach Glass.

Fellow blogger Centsational Girl executed the built-in bookshelves perfectly in my opinion.

Hoping to start this project with my Dad really soon. Have a nice weekend everyone!