Sunday, October 2, 2011

A North Hampton Day of Shopping

I woke up with Damon and Casey this morning to find it pouring outside. The dogs didn't even want to go outside. But the rain let up just in time for Rebecca, Kristen and I to head to North Hampton, MA for a day of shopping. Our original plan was to hit two flea markets that we found online, but when we got there, they were just empty lots. Damn internet! No worries, Main Street in North Hampton has a lot to offer and we just walked from store to store checking stuff out. We also enjoyed a delicious lunch a local Noodle Shop, yum!

We started our shopping trip at Urban Outfitters. I love going there to check out their home stuff. They have such unique things.

Kristen bought a chair just like this in chocolate brown from Craigs List last month for $20. We took this photo for her fiance to see how amazing the chair could become once it's cleaned up. It has such great lines.

How cute! We loved this teacup sculpture. Perfect for holding jewelry, but not for $75.
Rebecca loved these crystal chandeliers for her bedroom. They were pretty pricey, but I'm thinking we could recreate them using crystal beads and fishing line.
Urban Outfitters has the best knobs and hooks for your home.
I came really close to buying this deer head and spray painting it white. I know Mike would just love it, but I passed.

A fun heart key hook.
"K for Kristen"
She walked away with this cute metal K for her home office. We even talked about spray painting it a fun color.

Then we ventured to the local Goodwill store looking for Kristen's halloween costume. Instead, Rebecca and I walked away with these awesome chairs. I want to paint mine white and reupholster the seat in a really bold, geometric fabric. Hopefully one of those KRAVET Windsor Smith fabrics I blogged about last week.  By the way, three of the samples arrived from our KRAVET rep at work. I'm in love!

On our way home, I asked if the girls wanted to check out Three Ladies Antiques in West Hartford. There were a lot of great pieces in the store, but I can only handle one project at a time :)
Love these bar stools.

$250 for both, what a deal, they were gorgeous

The Greek in me was screaming when I saw this Greek Key tray. Repainted, it could be amazing.

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