Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My New Fabric Obsession: Windsor Smith for KRAVET

I've been wanting to add some more bold patterns to my living room decor. I thought I could do this by sewing some accent pillows or creating a new ottoman slipcover, even sewing some new curtains. I've been to JoAnn Fabrics a few times, but couldn't find what I had pictured in my head. Over the weekend, I was blog searching and I came across this KRAVET fabric collection by designer Windsor Smith, and I could just die! I love the boldness of her patterns, but they're also really sophisticated and modern at the same time.



http://www.decorpad.com/ (I love this pattern for my kitchen. I could do a small valance in this fabric and a matching one for the half-bath adjacent to our kitchen.)


Love, Love, Love this one for draperies in my living room!



Here are some other patterns from the Windsor Smith Collection.....

The best way to get your hands on this fabric, is to do a google or bing search...."Riad fabric", "Pelagos fabric", "Windsor Smith fabric for Kravet", etc. I tried earlier and found that http://www.maryjos.com/ of Mary Jo's Cloth Store in North Carolina, sort of random, but she has great prices and a pretty extensive selection. You can also find people selling the fabric on EBay.

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