Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doggie Artwork

Like many northeasterners, we found ourselves hunkered down at home during Hurricane Irene. Thankfully the storm spared our home and everything is ok. Our thoughts go out to all the families throughout the northeast whose homes were damaged by this storm.

While at home waiting for the storm to pass, I figured it would be a great time for a small project. I had these white wooden frames from Pier 1 in our dining room and I took them down when I repainted the room.

I originally had a damask fabric framed but the colors didn't work anymore. I was trying to think of what I could use as artwork for the small 4" x 4" opening. Then it occurred to me that I don't have any fun artwork of our dogs, Damon and Casey. I always loved silhouettes being used as artwork, so I searched for a good photo of both dogs that I could freehand and use as silhouettes.

I found this fun photo of them that we took one day in the car on our way for a hike. It's hard to wrangle two 90 lb. dogs for a photo op.

After freehanding their silhouette, I filled in the silhouette with a black sharpie marker.

After trimming the 4" x 4" artwork, here's the final product. You can do this with any photo. It took me no longer than 10 minutes to create custom, fun artwork.




  1. hi. nice doggy artwork. how do you add your "you may also like" section under your post?