Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keith Urban's Green Room

As my family and friends know, I'm a huge Keith Urban fan, huge! Our wedding song was "Making Memories of Us"...turns out Keith sang an acoustic version of this song to Nicole at their wedding. So tonight I'm headed to the Mohegan Sun Casino with my parents and Mike to see Keith live, my second show and I can't wait! He's amazing live. So that got me would I design Keith's green room, the space he'll hang out in before he gets on stage.

I envisioned a modern, yet earthy space with accents of red. Red because this is his "Get Closer" tour and if any of you have listened this album, there are a lot of tracks about love, trust, and true companionship. I decided to limit myself to pull only products from West Elm and here's what I've come up with. What do you think? Does this feel like a space Keith could see himself in before a show?

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