Friday, January 7, 2011

I bought a Ghost Chair!

I inherited this cute wood writing desk from my in-laws over the summer. Apparently, this desk was in my husband's bedroom at their Peaks Island cottage when he was a kid. I loved the desk, it just needed some TLC. So I painted it and it's sitting in my living room chairless right now. I always wanted a ghost chair and it would look so good with this desk.

(here's the desk, I was using one of my dining room chairs as a stand-in when I took this photo)

Well, I just scored a knock-off Louis Ghost Chair from Interior Express and they have free shipping! So excited, the chair is shipping in 48 hours. I know I can't afford the Phillipe Stark original, but this is just as great in my mind.

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  1. In the picture with 2 ghost chairs, are they both knock-offs or originals? There seems to be quite a difference in how they look. Thanks so much.